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Marketing budget and timeline

Wrap up your entire marketing plan with a bow by summarizing your costs and timelines from the previous section.  And then measure, measure, measure.  Check your marketing budget at least monthly, and determine whether you’re getting the return you expected from each tactic.  It’s never too late to make some changes to your marketing plan.

Your marketing timeline can help you understand if your tactics are driving any sales.  Compare sales during time frames when you've done some marketing activities and check for any growth to see if there was an impact.

Writing a marketing plan should become at least a yearly ritual for your business.  Not to mention that it’s probably a good idea to revamp your marketing plan when you are releasing new or significantly changed products or services.  Just remember that writing a marketing plan is time well spent for any sized business, because it’s the process for thinking honestly and thoroughly through how you’re going to connect with your customers.

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