Tips For Choosing The Right Venue

Book your event planner (@EventsByMrB) before you choose your venue! Your planner will have the most up-to-date details on the best venues. Whether you're looking for opulence or rustic charm, they can work within your budget.

Tell your planner about yourself. Be detailed and verbose! You'll know you have a good planner if they work to learn who you are as a person and search for what really makes you tick. Try to think about how you would describe your dream wedding. Use as many adjectives as you can to describe your vision for your event. These simple little words can help your planner find the venue that is perfect for you. We planners can pick out key points in just a five-minute conversation with you. If you use the word "intimate" multiple times, we can tell it's important to you. Also, keep in mind things that are "deal-breakers". What kind of things can you just not live without?

Choose your date, or range of dates. Do you want a rustic fall wedding, a winter wonderland holiday party, or a spring garden retirement? If your style leans more towards birch and brass, fall might be the best time for you. If you love bright colors, the full bloom of spring might be perfect for you. Will you want to go on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding? If so, think about where you want to go because this could influence the time of year as well. Once you decide on your ideal time of year, you can choose your specific date(s). The most popular and amazing venues can book fast, so having a few dates to choose from will save you heartache if you fall in love with a venue and it's already booked on that special day.

Your venue will influence so much of your event planning, so use your planner's expertise and feel confident that you are choosing wisely.

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