The Way to an Exceptional Proposal

The most important thing to consider when you are proposing is WHO you are proposing to. Your proposal should be relevant to your future partner. Do they love video games or are they a music buff; are they boisterous or shy? Their personality should dictate how you propose. For example, if your love is an introvert, it may be unwise to propose in a crowded public place. Conversely, if they enjoy attention and lots of people use that to your advantage.

Propose with a custom commissioned piece of art. It will always be unique and there are myriad people with the talent and willingness to create something to help you with your big question. Check out Etsy or Craigslist for artists. Contact your local colleges and universities to see if any students in their art department are looking for a little extra spending money.

Restaurants are very popular places to get engaged at. Make it special by calling ahead and finding out what that special restaurant may be willing to do to help you. It could be that when the waiter brings the dessert, it's a plate with the words "Will you marry me?" written in chocolate in beautiful script. Maybe two chocolate covered strawberries for garnish.

Scavenger hunts are wildly popular right now. Don’t let their popularity deter you if your future partner loves the thrill of a chase. Start off with an easy clue and a close location. As the hunt continues, make the clues more difficult. Choose a final spot that means something to you both and pop the question.

A romantic idea to use with any proposal is to hire a photographer or videographer to capture the moment. And if you keep this a secret, you could also create a gift for your partner on your wedding day. A small flip book of the scene could be a wonderful keepsake you could share with friends and family for the rest of your lives.

Think outside the little black box. You don't have to be creative, you just have to know the person you're planning to spend the rest of your life with. Incorporate your personalities, favorite things, hobbies, etc. into the proposal. Defy convention rather than performing a cookie cutter proposal. Remember to keep in mind that the more complicated the proposal is, the more things that could go wrong with your plans. Your proposal is the perfect time to tell them why they’re the one for you, what marriage means to you and what your hopes for your futures are.

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