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​I’m not CNN, just the mother of a son. 

Studies show that one person is murdered every 60 seconds on our planet. That’s too much for news coverage, too much to film, too much to go on FB Live, too much to feel. So if you’re murdered, to catch the attention of most, it must be epic. Your life won’t even be tweeted if you don’t go out with a bang. We are desensitized to just words. We need pictures and gore. We need horror and mayhem, proving that we all are a bunch of narcissist, finding no meaning or compassion for such senseless acts. And just like the workers and owners of Zesarina Grocery Store, that did not help Junior and pointed to the door as boys and men that looked like him slashed him away, we have some ownership to this. We must speak against such hate. We must punish our own. They now have arrested 8. We raise hateful and ugly children, accepting their loyalty to gangs instead of family, ignoring their dope money and bullying, singing their chants of evilness. And now someone’s innocent child is dead for it. That bodega can exist no more. It needs to burn to the ground and just like PE once said, we need to Shut’em Down. 

Lesandro “Junior” Guzman Feliz

Murdered, June 20, 2018

Zesarina Grocery Store - East 183rd Street and Bathgate Avenue

​I’m from NY. My father owned a business in the Bronx but this owner’s character is not worthy of holding such a title in the community. 


He could have been mine . . . 

​Junior Guzman was only 15. Described as being a good young man by his mother. He loved the Yankees and wanted to be a detective when he grew up. We should not be writing obituaries for children. 


The body of Junior Guzman is laid to rest.

​We can not take this story and just forget about it. We must learn from those that die. We are so far gone. We must do better. Rest in Paradise dear Junior. 

Dearest Price



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