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Meek Mill was supposed to be on a panel at the White House to discuss gun reform, reforming the prison system and ways to reduce recidivism. He abruptly backed out and released a press statement expressing, by him being involved, the attention was being taken away from the real issues. He also struggled with the fact of being in the building with Donald Trump. That's admirable, I guess...but as I read a few articles it came to my attention that maybe Jay-Z had gotten in his ear and told him not to go. Maybe Jay was doing damage control because of what such publicity could do to his "image". I hope that's not the case.

An image that initially got him arrested in 2008. There was no audio or video of him doing anything illegal. But where he was and his "nappy braids that locked" as stated on Dreams and Nightmares, were just the images that most people looked down upon. They were classified as animals, in the areas that they lived.It's a jungle where it might be cool for tourist to ride thru like going on a African safari to watch the savages and animals, but don't get out the car, don't talk to the natives and don't feed the animals. It's a jungle out there.

Kanye West, who was regarded as a musical genius, saw his image go down the drain after visiting with Trump and wearing the "Make America Great Again" hat. Seems like a black man that steps outside the hood is doomed.But it also seems like we as a people should realize we need people on the inside. They are not gonna let us million man march our black asses inside 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but if one of us can get in there to represent the voice of the people we should wait for him to return in the hopes that he represented us the correct way.

On El-Hajj Malik Shabazz's born day this really seems ironic to be writing this. A former pimp and drug dealer turned America's nightmare. The pimping,pandering and drug dealing is thestereotypical imagethat registers in our mind when we think of the young black male. Malcolm Little was the guy that white people loved to hate. Malcolm Little was a common street thug. Poor, with no education or sense of direction. A perfect fit for the prison system. But he went in one way and came out completely different. The Butterfly after going through the chrysalis stage that emerges a completely unrecognizable creature from before. After studying the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he replaced his pimpin with teaching of hope instead of selling dope. A new mindset that produced a new image.

Now you have the clean cut Malcolm boldly proclaiming freedom, justice ans equality for his people by any means neccessary. Here now you have the iconic photo with him holding the rifle looking out the window. Not for street beef this time. The image that he now had was the most dangerous to the American power structure. A black man,refined by going thru the flames of change that forged him into a brand new being. No drugs, alcohol or criminal activity. Educating the masses according to what his newfound freedom taught him. But yet his metamorphosis wasn't close to being over. After an ideological difference led to a split between him and The Nation,he traveled to Mecca. There he saw people of all nationalities praying and even eating together. An unheard of concept in those days. There he came to the conclusion that this was supposed to be every man's way of life. No borders or boundaries created by differences in the pigmentation of human flesh. No all white fountains that could carry death by mob if you attempted to quench your thirst. True love and understanding which ia after all what every human desires even if its on the most super subconscious level of the mind.
Again his image changed.
Enter El-Hajj Malik Shabazz. While still a lover of all people cursed with the most wonderful gift of melinated skin,he now taught universal lovw and acceptance up under one God. This made him an enemy of the NOI. He and MLK even talked of working together bring what used to be warring causing universal change. This got him killed. Some say it was his own people while others pointed to a CIA plot,while others say it was a combined effort between both groups to facilitate his end and forever have fingers pointing with no answers ever as to who actually took who i consider one of the greatest men to ever walk the earth from us.
He died for an image that he created but was the prototype for freedom fighters for generations to come.
How does this have anything to do with Meek Mill?
In my opinion Meek is one of the most polarizing figures in hip hop today. His confident delivery, perfected thru countless rap battles that brought him local fame and eventually catapulted him into the national spotlight is without a doubt one of the best of the new young MC'S. In the era of mumble rappers his articulate and calculated flow make him stand out head and shoulders above the crowd. On his song "These Scars" Torey Lanez says on the hook
"The Land they gave us was always ours
Don't close the door,You owe us more
I know it's hard to face reality
And when they changed they were all surprised but me
And we buy Wraiths to hide behind these stars
And we rock all this ice just to hide these scars
If you never seen a dream fade away behind all these bars
And only God can touch your soul behind all these bars"
Only the most high could have touched Malcolm behind all those bars. Only the most powerful force could move a man from being an enemy to himself and others and place him behind enemy lines where he died in front of all his "friends" When i heard Meek was going to meet with the president to discuss issues that directly affect even my 3 year old son and all little black boys,i was excited about what he would say. Would he go into the white house and speak as boldly in the White House as he does in the vocal booth? A young black man with a story that gained international headlines for being wrongfully imprisoned with a chance to talk to the POTUS and a whole committee of people who never saw the inside of a crackhouse,or jail cell. A lifelong resident of Philadelphia surely he was going to speak up for the Move Members that have been incarcerated for 40 years FOR NOTHING. Surely he would rally for Mumia.But Meek didn't go. He has to save his image as a gangsta rapper and a hood nigga. But doesn't he rap to get outta the hood and to inspire those young block boys who never been anywhere besides the block but in custody like G Herbo said on his song "Streets" He fumbled the ball if you ask me. But nobody asked me. All i know is as long as we operate in fear there will be no more Malcolm X's. To a man to whom much is given much is required.

My sister Dearest Price wrote a blog about Malcolm X that was more than excellent and she dared any man that addressed a woman as a bitch to proclaim they were followers of his teachings. I saw that as aimed directly at me though it wasn't. I throw the N word around so carelessly at times i don't realize it left my lips. But i realize i have a voice also. Somebody's gonna read this. Hopefully millions of people lol. But regardless I hope that somebody will come outta those cold dark places that they call correctional institutions but are only comparable to the grave will go in Malcolm Little and come out Malcolm X. Fearless. A new image. A new person. You might die about it but what's good is living if you have nothing you're willing to die for. "Greater love has no man than this than if a man lay down his life for a friend" We're so damn selfish as a people. We step on who's in our way and step over our downtrodden brothers and sisters. No love for anything but money. So by any means necessary, Meek needs to tackle this social ills, even if that means he has to go before Trump. By any means necessary we need to stop the hostile take over of mass incarceration. By any means necessary, we need to stop cutting our Queens because they are truly all we got. By any means necessary we need to hold up the torch long held by our ancestors; by any means necessary. 

Black Darlington
Dearest Diaries


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