Do you really wanna party wit me? Bill Cosby set free . . .

Do you really wanna party wit me? Bill Cosby set free . . .


From the moment Bill Cosby’s conviction was overturned, that Busta Rhymes beat from, “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”, has been in my head (Boom a, boom, boom, boom, boom a, boom, boom, boom). I just couldn’t get those tribal sounds of my ancestors out of my mind. Like they were speaking to me. 
Now I am a die hard Cosby Show, Lil’ Bill, Fat Albert, Jello Pudding fan but not a fan of William H. Cosby, cheater, once convicted rapist. A legacy understandably destroyed by “Karen’s”, “Super Models” and “Bi-racial Women”. And as the cries of Sally Hemming, Recy Taylor and Mary Lumpkin can be heard from their graves, do you really understand what’s going on? 
Since the beginning of these trials I wondered would they even have cared if the dozens of women where chocolate, natural wearing sistas with no clout. I’m just saying.
William didn’t create the quaaludes and popping pills that brought on a culture of date rape. Forty years ago nobody was getting charged with it. Rich white men have gone to their grave doing it and the irony, one of our most influential figures in the Black culture becomes the scape goat of this. I swear we gonna find out this is some J. Edgar Hoover shit. But are we actually surprised?
It’s just like 200 years ago nobody was being charged with raping countless Black Women that were labeled slaves. Ya’ll didn’t want to even take they statues down but you stripped Cosby of everything. That wasn’t just his legacy, it was ours, it was his family’s, his deceased daughter and son, his wife’s. Now, I am not justifying his idiotic behavior, as our beloved Mother Phylicia Rashad. But don’t come for her, especially after I just watch Derek Chavin’s mom call him a good person. All I’m saying is he wasn’t the only one doing this date rape shit, derived from the founding fathers and he shouldn’t have been the poster child for it. Yet this is what he got from rubbing elbows with white male elite. 
And now the mistresses ancestors got caught up in the horrific wrath of American culture by a Black Man, a Black Man who was about to be a master in his own right. At the time, he was in talks of buying NBC. The whole damn network. So it was time to take him down for crimes of his past. I am not saying it’s right. I am not even justifying it but this is what America was built on; sexism, rape, misogyny. 
And now white women, your justice has been served to you on the platter that Black women have eaten off of for 400 years. Respectfully. 

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