Diabolical - An Icon Takes His Rest

Diabolical - An Icon Takes His Rest


There had been rumors for months on social media that the legend had died. Disturbing posts that we had lost the iconic figure weeks ago. So when I saw similar posts yesterday I just chalked it up as a cruel troll trying to get attention but unfortunately this time it was true. 
You see I’m actually from #strongisland, where our teachers were lyricists inspiring us to pick up a “pen and a paper”, as the god so eloquently described. In the 80’s we truly were schooled by these prophets; historically, grammatically and mathematically.  I believe I am the writer I am today because of Hip Hop, hands down. And for those who say they are about hip hop but don’t understand this pioneer, shame on you. I never mastered rhyming in school. I attempted to hang with my male counterparts getting my rhymes on paper, never bold enough to spit until studying the art of Biz. 
I’m fluid in his discography starting with, “Make the Music With Your Mouth” in 87’. I saw him during that time at a block party I believe in Brentwood, NY. This was followed by “Vapors” in 88’ and “Just a Friend” in 89’. A decade later I became a school teacher and I couldn’t reach some students with the conventional curriculum. I changed the lyrics to “Just a Friend”, to “A Noun is Everything” and I transformed my classroom. The kids were sponges learning nouns, pronouns and adjectives. But that was only my beginning with Biz. In 2009 I gave birth to the most awesome son who would not say a word for many years. But Biz with his charisma and charm had my child spitting at the television daily as he watched “Yo Gabba Gabba”. We wrote him to thank him for being our Plato and Aristotle. His vast vocabulary and genius challenged me to be an exceptional educator. His humor and light enlightened me to reach everyone. We have lost one of the greatest yesterday. I’m heartbroken. I challenge the schools to become educated on his excellence and bring his genius into the curriculums. Because, “nobody beats the Biz”. Rest in power. 


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Tuesday, 21 September 2021

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