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Prison Photograph

Tore my family apart yet it was only love I sought. I traveled the 4 hour ride, each week to be by his side. I gave up my life, just to be his wife. As many years went by, I just knew he wouldn’t lie. Introducing him to my seed, a love they would never need. Putting my own life on hold, not knowing the truth that would unfold. Betrayal came swift, a burden no one thought I could lift. I wanted to die, depression is real, that ain’t no lie. Was so difficult to let go, my confidence was so low. So long I held onto shame, exposing my kids, I took the blame. But I had to dig deep, or it would be death I would reap. I turned completely to God, and he protected me with His rod. Everything that I lost, the Lord returned without cost. Today I ran across this pic and the pain didn’t stick. My kids had this glow on their face and all signs of him had been erased. I was no longer mad, on this day I was actually glad. My husband will never see the beauty my children will grow to be. Called where some may detest, elavated me to a place where they call me Dearest. 


Dearest Diaries

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