Can A Woman Raise A Man?

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 We've all heard the old saying "A woman can't raise a man". Society says a perfect home has both parents. Society says the house is both built and controlled by the man. Momma should keep the house and cook. Without a pair of nuts she can't understand what it takes to become a man. So how is she supposed to raise a man?

These are some of the questions raised in every discussion on this topic. Well speaking as a MAN raised by a single black mother stand firm and strong that I'm a living testament that this is some bullshit. My mother raised two men with no father figure in nor out of the house. And trust and believe you can't out man me just because your father was under the same roof. Lol
But don't look at me. Hell I'm 6'3" 265lbs and cut from a different cloth than most. And no I'm not a killer I just crush a lot. Take it how you
But seriously there're plenty of examples of successful black males that were raised by single mothers. Look at Samuel L. Jackson which was raised by a single woman for instance. I would pay good money to hear someone tell HIM that he's not a man because he was raised by a woman. Do you know the cussing you would receive? That shit would be PRICELESS!!! Jay-Z...another MAN raised by a single woman. Anyone care to tell him that he's not a man??? I'll wait!
Yeah I didn't think so. I could go on for days naming brothers but I think you get the point.
Now don't get me wrong. I do understand that there are life lessons that we all as boys HAVE to learn. But those are lessons that are necessary whether you have a father figure in the house or not. I'm just saying people say things without actually realizing what they're saying. What's your opinion?

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